LyllOs Entertainment platforms use cookies to improve user-friendliness and functionality. Cookies are small text files with information stored in the browser at the request of websites. It is basically the only way for a website to be able to remember who you are between each page visited, and basically involves no risks.

The service at LyllOs Entertainment uses cookies to store which color scheme you have chosen, to be able to remember this between each page. Nothing other than the name of the color scheme is stored, and thus no personally identifiable information.

Third party-cookies:

The functionality that occurs from social media such as Facebook and Twitter may also store cookies if you are logged in to Facebook and Twitter respectively. It is something we can neither control nor do anything about, but we have a hard time believing that it can pose any risk; and this is true for most sites in the world anyway.

The site also uses Google Analytics to track users' behavior within the site, and thus gain valuable information about how the site is used and thereby be able to implement improvements. This service also uses cookies with non-personally identifiable information, which is only used for statistical reasons.

If you oppose the storage of cookies, you can change the settings in your browser to not accept cookies. However, it has major consequences on most websites, so you should be aware of its side effects. Then you will not be able to Log in to either our forum or most discussion forums online, the choice of color scheme on the site will be ignored and in most cases you will not be able to Log in anywhere online. However, all material on LyllOs Entertainment remains available in any case.

Personal information:

Any personal information provided to the site, for example via forms, e-mails or surveys, is treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties without the express consent of the owner; unless the site is ordered by a court to do so. Information you have chosen to keep invisible as well as your IP address will normally remain confidential, unless the public prosecutor's office or court orders us to disclose the information. In the event of serious offenses, however, in accordance with Swedish law, we will be forced to disclose all information we have to the police.

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